Well PlayED 

This past week I got the great privilege of being on Michael Matera‘s (@MrMatera) gamification podcast Well PlayED (#WellPlayedU). I have never been on a podcast before so it was a totally new experience for me! Because I have two young children at home, two dogs, and a husband who is also off for the summer I can rarely find a quiet space in our house. Even my office (which doesn’t have a lock on it) is not off limits to the wild and craziness that is my home. So when Michael and I finally found a good time to chat, I found myself parked in my car under a tree in the middle of a parking lot. As I watched the cars zoom by, I thought about my year in all it’s ups and downs and my journey that has been gamification. I really enjoyed chatting with Michael and how it felt like we were just two old friends talking across the table with a cup of coffee. I hope that you all enjoy it as well:


Podcast Description: BOOM! Heather Marrs, @hmarrs24, has joined the #wellplayedu crew. This episode pops right off the ear bud. Heather shares how she got started, things she noticed and how her students soared in her gamified class. So much shared, and so much gained in this episode. I really loved having a chat with this dynamic educator who is constantly striving for bringing the best in her classroom.

While the episode is about gamifiy in elementary, it is unbelievable that all that was said can be applied to all classrooms K-College! Looking forward to many more conversations with this talented educator.

Thanks for sharing with use Heather, You rock!


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