ISTE Shorts: Sketchnoting 

One of my favorite things that I have implemented this year is sketchnoting. I first learned about sketchnoting on Twitter in the fall. I loved the potential that it had, especially in reading, so I went ahead and tried it out. We started by covering some of the basics of sketchnoting. I wanted my students to have purpose and know the difference between a good sketchnotes and a doodle. Pinterest has an enormous amount of examples, both good and bad. I chose a few and showed them to my students. We discussed the elements needed to create a successful sketchnote. We also discussed some of the things not to do. I modeled a sketchnote for them using the title, author, and vocabulary words among other things. The first time we listened to the story we closed our eyes and visualized images in our head. The second time we listened to the story, we only sketched out our sketchnote with a pencil. Once we were done with our pencil drawings, we went back to add color, connections, details, bubbles, etc. Here’s some examples of student sketchnotes: 

Over the year I have learned more from Sunni Brown (@SunniBrown) at IntegratEd and on Twitter from people like Sylvia Duckworth (@sylviaduckworth) and all of the amazing educators who participated in #Sketch50. So when I heard that Sylvia was going to be at ISTE and talking in an Ignite, I made sure that I was there! I was hoping that I would also run into Sylvia at the Seesaw booth today as she was scheduled to be there during the hour before me. But…I got to talking with the guys in the Kahoot booth and ended up missing her. 😦  

It was a wonderful surprise when later that day I met Mandi Tolen in the Blogger’s Cafe during a meet up with my friends Tara and Tisha. While Mandi and I walked to the Expo together afterward she told me that she was also a sketchnoter. Wanting to know more, I asked her about what she likes to use, how it works, etc. Needless to say, I totally picked her brain on the topic! Not only did she tell me all about how she uses Procreate and DoInk to sketch and animate her sketchnotes, she dropped her bag right there in the middle of the Expo, got out her iPad, and SHOWED us how she uses Procreate! It was absolutely the best “unsession” I went to this week! She showed us features that I didn’t know existed, gave me pointers on how to save my sketches for later use, and explained how she added them to DoInk! I was so grateful for her willingness to take time out of her day and share her own knowledge with me!! She’s fantastic! Make sure that you are following Mandi on Twitter at @TTmomTT!


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