NCCE Day 2 Leading and Learning

 Adventures in Gamification

 Wow those two hours went by super fast! Before the workshop started, I was worried about the wifi working (as many presenters were struggling with it the day before). Luckily for us, the internet worked really well for us throughout our presentation! I was also a little nervous about co-presenting for the first time at a large conference. I’ve presented many times but never with someone else at a conference this size. I’m so glad that I got to present with my good friend Tisha. We did a really great job of playing off of each other and the flow was really smooth. When you present on a theme that is so broad like Gamification, it can be very difficult to meet the needs and answer the questions of the participants. It was wonderful to have both the elementary perspective and the high-school perspective. It was a really effective way to portray the different elements of Gamification and how we are implementing them into our classrooms. I look forward to presenting with Tisha again in the future! 

My First Experience with BreakoutEDU with Mike Nye and Cindy Dziurzynski

I have heard of BreakoutEDU and I totally love the idea but I’ve never actually experienced it. I’ve looked into it online and tried to wrap my head around it but have been unsuccessful. Many people have told me that I need to experience it to really understand so I’m very excited to participate in this workshop today! 

Directional Lock: Colored the arrows on a grid in the order of the list on the sheet 

Key lock: Had to find another box and break out of that one then figure out a math clue to figure out the small box combo. In the small box there was a black light. 

Black light: We could see the circled dates on a calendar that we were given which we then used to open another key. 

QR code took us to a form where we input more information to unlock the other locks. 

Feel free to adjust the games on the site to meet your needs. You can customize to meet your equipment, time, and content. The Storyline is the most difficult part not the mechanics.  is a great resource for tools to customize your own BreakoutEDU games. 

Check out Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes at 


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