Blogging Inspiration

At least three or four times a year I get the blogging itch. I get all excited about blogging and then that excitement goes away quickly and I don’t think about it much until three months later when I get the itch again. The more I read and talk to friends, I find that I’m not alone! And for that I am very grateful! I love having a PLN that understands the highs and lows of the work we do and is willing to share their faults right along with their strengths!
I’ve been inspired recently by some of my fellow Southern Oregon educators who are making it a priority to blog this year. My friend Tisha Richmond is a constant inspiration to me in so many different ways and I’m so glad that we found each other! Her goal this year is to blog once a week. Now, I’m not saying that I will even come close to that but I am looking forward to trying!
So how am I going to tackle this task? Well, I’ve decided to try using an app called Blogo to see if I will be able to blog more often and quicker using the app. I have so many different things going on that I needed something quick and easy. I’m also going to start planning out my topics and blogs ahead of time. Using inspiration when it hits instead of sitting down to write and waiting to be inspired.
Where do you find your inspiration for blogging? My classroom is just one of many places I find my inspiration. I also find it when I talk to my PLN on twitter. Whether I’m on the #XPLAP chat on Wednesdays or moderating the #OrEdChat on Sunday evenings, my PLN is always full of new ideas and positivity! In just a few weeks #OrEdChat will be starting a book study on Kids Deserve It! Join us on Sunday evenings at 8:30p PST as we make our way through the book. I’m really looking forward to diving in because amazing books like Kids Deserve It and Explore Like a Pirate that are written by fantastic educators are yet another place where I find my inspiration!