I Officially Stink at Blogging!

Ok, so I officially stink at blogging! I can always think of things to write about, that’s not my problem. Most of the time I even have it all written out in my head….it’s when I sit down to write it all out that I just can’t make it happen. For years I have tried to fight my “problem” but now I’ve decided to embrace it. Oh well…who says that you have to write to have a great blog anyway?? Well…here goes my first attempt at a video blog, better known as a “Vlog”. Wish me luck!!

Alright, so I totally already messed it up! I didn’t think about the fact that my phone is a vertical camera and now my video is small and funny looking and what is up with that face that I’m making? Yikes! But I’m posting it anyway! It’s not the first and it won’t be the last time I mess this thing up! Next time….I’ll remember to fix that…I hope! 🙂