One of my favorite new apps to use in class this year is Classkick. It is great for both whole group lessons and independent or flipped lessons. I use Classkick with my third graders during math lessons often when I want to share a lesson and have all of my students work on the same problem on their own iPads. I can write or draw a problem on my iPad and it automatically shows up on their iPad. Then they can work on the problem while I watch and give feedback in real time.

Classkick is also used very often during our reading workshop. I like to use it for our leveled reading books, word work, dictation, etc. Students can watch a video or listen to the story on their own and then answer questions, find evidence in a picture of the text, or draw out their answer. Here is a screencast that gives you an idea of some of the ways Classkick is being used in my classroom.