Seesaw at NCCE 2016

Is it really almost the last day of the conference already? I can’t believe that it will be over tomorrow…I’ve been looking forward to this for sooo long now! Even though tomorrow is the last day, it is also the day of my presentation!! I will be presenting a workshop on Utilizing Seesaw:The Learning Journal in the 1:1 Classroom. My workshop is from 10:15-12:15 in room 2B. Come check it out!FullSizeRender 3

Welcome to those of you who are here because you are attending my workshop! Please make sure that you are following #seesawncce on Twitter during the workshop. You can post questions, comments, and resources using the #seesawncce. If you don’t have iTunesU, you are still able to access the Keynote slides for the workshop here.

If for some crazy reason we happen to have more than 50 people wanting to sign up for the iTunesU course, I made a copy of the course that you can sign up for here. Unfortunately, iTunesU has a max class size of 50 and although I doubt that the class will be over 50, I’ve done presentations before that filled up fast and I wasn’t prepared! IMG_1257

During the workshop we will be having some time to play around with the Seesaw app as well as some of my other fav apps. I’ve created some Stations for you to visit as you spend your time discovering this amazing app. My hope is that you are going to be so excited about Seesaw that you will not only go back and use it in your classroom but also that you will be teaching other staff and teachers at your school! You can access the station posters here if you would like to use them for your own PD or even in the classroom! They have been fully tested by my own students and they LOVED going around to each station! IMG_0789


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