Grading Google Forms Quizzes with Flubaroo

A few days ago I wrote about creating quizzes for your classroom using Google Forms. You can find that blog post here. I love having the ease of distributing spelling and reading quizzes on my students iPads but the absolute BEST part is that I no longer spend hours grading those quizzes!! Every time we have a technology glitch or the network is temperamental I remember how much time and energy I’m saving myself and that makes it all worth it!

The first thing to know is that when you create a Google Form, a Google Spreadsheet is then created to collect the answers. You can then add an “Add-on” called Flubaroo for free. You can have any questions graded that are multiple choice or have one correct answer. Once students take the quiz, either take the quiz yourself or add your answers to the spreadsheet. Your answers will serve as the key. Then click on “Add-on”, then Flubaroo, then Grade Assignment. Here is a short video walking you through the steps.

Make sure that the question that asks for their name is marked as “Identifies Student”. Also, select your own answers as the key. Once done, a second page on your Sheet will be created which will show each students grade, points, and a summary of how students did on each question. You can also go to the Advanced section on Flubaroo to print out your students’ test scores and answers to send home to parents!


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