Creating Quizzes with Google Forms

Google Forms and Flubaroo have significantly changed the way that quizzes and the subsequent amount of grading are being done in my classroom! Last year I started having my students take their spelling and reading quizzes using Google Forms after learning about it at a tech summit. My students each have an iPad to use in the classroom so the transition was easy. Not only are Google Forms extremely easy to make, but I’m now able to keep the quizzes from year to year, reuse them, and reduce the amount of paper and copies I make! Here is a video on how to create a spelling quiz in a Google Form:

Make sure to title your quizzes with the specific unit or name so you can find it easily next time. Also, don’t forget to have your first question be their name! I forgot once and couldn’t use the quiz because I had no idea who took which quiz! Oops!

Once you have the form finished, you need to get it to your students. There are many different ways you can push it out. Each form has a unique URL so you are able to share it out any way you might share any other link. I’ve been able to use QR codes, iTunesU, and now I use Seesaw. Seesaw is by far my favorite way to send links to kids as it opens the site within Seesaw and doesn’t send them out onto the internet in Safari or Chrome. This helps keep students from accessing other websites or “accidentally” closing their quiz tab. Here is a short video on how to copy the Google Forms link and share to the Seesaw App:


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