My amazing student teacher, Mr. Merkley, had an App-a-palooza in class today!! It was so awesome, I just hadIMG_2386 to share! He picked six apps and made up instruction sheets for each one.


Each group had one app that they were in charge of checking out. They then took screenshots to add to a Shadow Puppet EDU presentation where they talked about what they liked and/or didn’t like about the app.

IMG_2371        IMG_2370

All of the groups got to check out two different apps. The students then presented the apps at the end of App-a-palooza and had a chance to check out all of the other apps.

It was not only a great way to get the students’ opinions on new apps but also to teach them how to check out an app without having it just be a play time. They had a purpose and an end goal in having to present.


They also were able to have a voice and a say in their learning which created a buy-in that students don’t normally have.

I will definitely be having more App-a-palooza’s in the future! Even when my student teacher has moved on to his own classroom next year.