Baby Steps- Take 1

You’ve gotta walk before you can run right?? Not if you’re my daughter! That girl went from crawling to running within minutes and hasn’t stopped running since! Though my daughter doesn’t care much for walking, baby steps are the way to go when integrating technology into the classroom. This is the first of a series of posts that I am unnamed-1working on called Baby Steps: Integrating Technology in the Classroom.

Last week I spent some time working with a few teachers in my district getting ready for our 1:1 ipad roll out next year. Before Spring Break, all teachers received an iPad Air 2 as the first phase of the roll out. The idea is to get them familiar with the iPad so that they are more prepared for next year. Although I am very excited about it…some are more reluctant.

Even though my classroom is currently using technology for many parts of our day, it has been quite a long road to get to this point. This year is the first year that I have had significant access to a class set of iPads. At the beginning of the year it was quite the struggle both for the students and for myself. I had to spend a lot of time reading other teacher’s tech blogs, following edtech on Facebook and Twitter, and staying up late (after the kids were asleep) to try new apps on my iPad before introducing them in the classroom.

When I did introduce apps to the class at the beginning of the year, we started with fun substitution apps as an option for a fast finisher. I feel that it is very important for students to get time to have fun and play before getting down to the nitty gritty. When they finished with their work or at the end of the day when we had some free time, they were able to go on a math app like Mathtopia+, Math Planet, or Addition and Multiplication Math Bubbles. These apps gave them time to get used to the iPad, learn some basic iPad skills, and how to troubleshoot when/if something goes wrong. These apps were so popular that my students still play them six months later!

What are some of your favorite substitution apps? Please leave a comment! I would love to learn about some new apps!

Next on Baby Steps-Take 2 I will be talking about iPad management. How to manage 30 students and 30 iPads at the same time.

Until next time,