Oh my goodness! Is it really Sunday already?? I think that this was quite possibly the fastest Spring Break of my teaching career. My family and I bought a house and moved in last Saturday. This week has been a flurry of unpacking boxes, putting furniture together, and wrangling my kiddos. Although I’m sad to leave my kids and go back to work tomorrow, I am glad that I have most of the house in order!

One thing that saved me this week during reading time (when all of the books were still packed in boxes) was an app called Epic! Books for Kids. Epic! is an absolutely amazing app that offers thousands of books for kids to read on the iPad (or web or Android device). Kids can sort books by IMG_0481type or by age. They can also search for topics they like or have books read to them. Epic! is free for teachers and librarians with their school email. Teachers can then create profiles for their students in their class. When creating profiles, you will be asked for an email address for each student so that the app can send an email to parents for approval. The email also includes information for parents if they would like to sign up for Epic! at home ($4.99 a month for parents).IMG_0483

My son is 4 and he can access and run this app on his own. I can also access his progress, reading log, reading minutes, etc. He never sits down for anything but will sit and have books read to him on this app for hours if I let him! I’ve also been using it in the classroom for about 3 months and my students are in love with this app! They beg me two or three times a day to be able to read books on Epic!


You can find Epic! Books for kids in the app store here. Follow Epic! on twitter @EpicKidsBooks or on Facebook here.