Shadow Puppet EDU

Sick kids, and teaching, and trainings….oh my! Wow what a week and it’s only Tuesday! I am so lucky to have such an amazing student teacher that I don’t even have to worry about my class while I’m gone. When you’re class is working on a tech project, what do you do when you are gone? Do you plan for the kids to keep working and hope for the best? Or do you plan something else and have them finish when you return? Luckily I have been able to pass it off smoothly to my student teacher most of the time but since she is only there for half of the day it is much more difficult when I am gone in the afternoons. Right now we are working on our Solar System Research. Each student in my classroom gets to pick one planet in the solar system and research certain information about that planet. This year, instead of making each student a research packet to fill out, my students made Shadow Puppet presentations for their planet. Here is one of my favorites:

If you haven’t checked out Shadow Puppet EDU yet….YOU NEED TO! Even if you are just going to use it as a presentation app for your own use, this is a must have and it’s free!! Shadow Puppet EDU allows you to add pictures or video from your camera roll, standard or satellite maps, landmarks, search the Library of Congress, Met, British Library, NASA, NOAA, Flickr Creative Commons, etc. in a safe way right in the app. IMG_0436.PNGOnce you find images you want to use, just click on the images to add them to your presentation. You can then order or reorder your images and they are automatically added to your presentation. IMG_0437Once you have your images in order; add text, background music, and record your voice over your presentation slides.IMG_0438

Save your presentation and share it with one click through email, YouTube, SeeSaw, and more!


Check out their blog here where they have great ideas for using Shadow Puppet in the classroom!

Also follow them on twitter:  @puppet

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